Can I afford a Harvard Attorney?

The shorter answer is yes.

Ken is a third-generation New Mexican, with family history in the Grants area ranching community. He had the privilege of attending what many people believe to be the best law school in the country: Harvard.

Many New Mexicans believe that they will never be able to afford a Harvard-educated attorney. It’s true that Ken had the opportunity to work for major law firms in New York and Washington, D.C. But he wanted to raise his family in New Mexico and to put his education to work for ordinary New Mexicans.

The fact is, you can afford a Harvard attorney. Depending on the case, you may pay no attorney fees at all until Ken gets a recovery in your favor. In other cases, Ken’s rates are competitive with or even below what many attorneys in the Albuquerque area charge. And the initial consultation is always free, no matter what.

Don’t sell yourself short. Give Ken a call at (505) 315-8730.